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Post  Franco on Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:55 pm

Here's the deal for U.N. RP,

You may create your own thread(s) as long as they are relevant and necessary. Each thread may be set in a different RP. For example, one might have an action roleplay, with limited U.N. involvement. Another might have Arabs bickering between each other at a conference.

Ground rules:

- Everything is considered defacto real life. Stuff like 9/11, the Holocaust, etc did happen.
- You are in-character (IC) at all times unless you want to address something in out of character (OOC).
- Please use brackets, either [ ] or ( ) to let people know something is OOC.
- Standard forum rules apply. No flaming, going off-topic, etc.
- Do not post more than once in between responses as others need time to react.

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